The Elite Meat to Eat ™

Eat Ostrich Ltd Co.

Premium Farmed Texas Ostrich Meat 

The Elite Meat to Eat ™

Eat Ostrich Ltd Co.

Premium Farmed Texas Ostrich Meat 

The Elite Meat to Eat ™

Meet Ostrich


Ostrich meat is a delicious red meat with elite health benefits that are unsurpassed by other traditional meats generally available on the market today.  

Low in Fat and Cholesterol


Finally, consumers who seek a healthy meat can enjoy a red meat that tastes similar to beef.  The days of dry, tasteless chicken breasts are no longer necessary.  Anyone on a cholesterol-restricted diet can enjoy the savory texture of red meat again.  

Recommended by the American Heart Association


Ostrich meat is suggested as a healthy protein source by the American Heart Association.  Visit with your physician about the health benefits of a lean red meat such as ostrich.  We think you will be surprised to learn just how great ostrich tastes and how it can be added as regular portion of your health-conscience diet.

Versatile Healthy Red Meat



If you are looking for something different to add to your dining repertoire, eat ostrich steaks or filets and you will be impressed with the flavor and tenderness of ostrich meat.  


Ostrich burger

Our ostrich meat is all-natural and raised without any antibiotics or added hormones.  Ostriches have a strong immune system that does not need any added antibiotics to assist in remaining healthly.

Sattisfied Customers


Eat Ostrich Co. seeks to ensure that every customer is happy with their order and becomes a repeat buyer of the most elite red meat available.

Free -range


Free-range ostrich meat has a healthier fatty acid profile due to the fact that the birds can graze on natural plants and produce an even healthier nutrient-dense product.

Packed With Nutrients

Ostrich Meat

By eating ostrich, you are providing your body with one the best sources of biologically available iron.  Ostrich meat is much higher in this type of iron than chicken, turkey, or even beef.  



Unlike most livestock, ostriches can be farmed with little harm to the ecosystem.  After millennia of adapting to some of the harshest environments on the planet, ostriches became extremely efficient at converting food sources to gain with little water needed.

Ostrich Meat Products--USDA Inspected--5 Pound Minimum Order

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Texas raised, all-natural, farmed ostrich meat processed under USDA inspection for wholesomeness

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