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Premium Quality Texas Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat is truly the "Elite Meat to Eat."  Ostrich steaks and burgers are naturally high in omega fatty acids and extremely low in fat and cholesterol. 

whole muscle filet cuts available

Besides offering individually packaged ostrich steaks and pre-formed ostrich burgers, we also offer several whole muscle cuts that lend themselves well to a variety of recipes and versatile preparations by chefs seeking to add ostrich meat to their menus.


Pastured Free-range Ostrich Meat

Our ostrich steaks and burgers are produced from ostriches raised in an open, free-range pasture with no added antibiotics or hormones.  We believe this produces a much higher quality ostrich meat product than ostriches that are kept in small pens because the birds are happier and healthier.

Ostrich Meat 5 Pound Minumum Order

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